Deceuninck Supplier

We supply a wide range of Deceuninck products.

Glass Fibre Technology

UNIQUE ground-breaking technology is the first to remove the need for the steel reinforcing at the heart of every window.

Deceuninck’s patented new Glass Fibre Linktrusion technology makes windows which are as strong as steel reinforced windows, but 30% more thermally efficient, with up to 40% saving on materials and weight.

100% recyclable at end of life, so it’s sustainable throughout the product life cycle.

Leading in Colour

  • 2,000+ coloured stock keeping units ready for your next delivery.
  • 9 foil variants and 9 colours of ancillaries and add-ons in stock so we deliver 100% on time, in small order quantities and short lead times.
  • NEW Colour360 Omniral is the first of a new generation of ‘all over’ colour. Your window looks as good open as it does closed.