June 2016

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Product Development – ROTO Designo 2


   ! Product Information Bulletin!

17th June 2016 Please note that with effect from 1st July 2016 we will be introducing the Roto NT Designo 2 Tilt & Turn hardware system as standard. This will be available in both Face Fix and Concealed options. Designo 2 is the new tilt before turn (TBT) window hardware system from Roto Frank. Although new to the UK, Designo 2 has been used on the continent for a number of years, so is a tried and tested product. This will replace our current MACO system which is being discontinued by the manufacturers.   Benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 100Kg sash weight as standard with option to    upgrade to 150Kg (concealed only)
  • 2400mm maximum sash rebate height (1400mm sash rebate width)
  • 95° turn opening for easy passage if required, or effective purge ventilation
  • 2 tilt range settings
  • Standard and PAS24 Security options
  • Attractive matt silver Roto Sil Nano surface treatment looks great and meets the requirements of EN1670:2007 grade 5 (480 hours)
  • NT faceplate for greater stability and pleasing aesthetics
  • All adjustments are carried out with a standard 4mm   Allen key

Samples and showroom literature are available on request. Adjustment instructions and additional details can be found on our website at www.merlinnetwork.co.uk in the Technical Support area.